Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week Thirty Four of My Weekly Creative Challenge

Week Thirty Four is here &
"Love is in the Air"

Well hello to Everyone and Happy Valentines Day. These past few weeks have been a "labor of love". I have been working on special orders and one order was to create gifts that were to be given on this special day. I love the fact that someone wanted to give one of my creations to say "I care". These two new pieces let my client give " flowers" in a new way. Both of these new "Trinkets & Tokens" necklaces featured a floral motif. I guest you can say "Spring can't come fast enough for me." I also got to use one of my favorite finds from the past year. I love these lamp work beads because of the many colors that they came in and the texture of the bead itself. I think it went perfectly with the texture of my metal tag and gave the piece a very tactile feeling. Well I know I have to get on the ball and create more designs for the "Trinkets & Tokens" line. I've been working on the sketches and will be adding new pieces within this month into the beginning of March. Keep an eye on my new works on and on this blog.

Well have a "Love Filled Day", Wonderful Week and Keep Creating!!!

Take Care!!!
Allison B.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week Thirty Three of My Weekly Creative Challenge

Starting from the Beginning in
Week Thirty Three!

Hi Everyone!
I have been asked how I come up with my designs and I let them know it all starts with "The Drawing". All of my metal jewelry designs start with a idea that I have put to paper. I love drawing out my designs because it helps me to visualize how the piece will be put together and in this stage I can work out most of the kinks of the design. While I was in school, both my jewelry teacher and my ceramics teacher always comment on how detailed my drawing were. They had me show my sketch books as part of my displays because of it gave the viewer a complete view point on how my works were thought out and completed. This design " Entangled Clusters" is part of a 4 part series. I designed this piece for the Chesterfield Arts "Art Feast." I was part of an silent auction last night. This is my second year participating in this event. I really appreciate the opportunity to be apart of this event and I love sharing my work with all of you, Have a great Week and Keeping Creating.

Take Care
Allison B.