Friday, May 15, 2015

Fun Weekend Ahead! 2 Events- One Weekend!

Fun Weekend Ahead! 
2 Events- One Weekend!

This will start to happen a lot now. The more shows I sign up for, the more they began to overlap! This is the nature of the business they say. Many artists who have much more experience than I do also express to me how all of the Galleries, Shops, Art Fairs and Festivals all are trying to position themselves on the best weekends and they are definitely overlapping. Summer shows, Fall shows and the Holidays events are when it happens the most! Well the time has begin. Hopefully I will choose the right shows and events to have a successful summer and fall season. Wish me luck. That's all for now. 
Take Care and Stay Creative!
Allison B.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Season of Art Shows Begins!!!

Well The Season has Begun!

     The life of an artist is always busy and that's a good thing. There are so many things to do when you run your own art business. You have to work on your printed materials for shows, work on your Social media posts, take photos of your work, apply to shows, work on "the books", buy supplies, set up displays at galleries and shops that show your work, meet with customers and go to meetings for art organizations and groups, and also Create! It can get a Little Crazy but we Love It for we love Creating and sharing our Craft. I feel blessed to be able to make people happy with the things I create. Thant what make this career Awesome

I participated in my first show in April and it was great. What a wonderful way to start out the year. May holds a lot of events as well. Working on new designs is always a must. I want to introduce a New line each show. I hope I will be able to do this. I working towards that gold. This week I getting ready for my first Guest Artist Session and my first outside show for the year. Here is some of the pics from setting up at Green Door Art Gallery in Webster Groves, MO. I love this Gallery. I will be bringing a couple of other Items to add in before the opening reception this Friday! This weekend on Saturday and Sunday Washington, MO will be the place to be. I will be in the 34th Washington Art Fair and Winefest. This is always a wonderful show to meet new people, see old friends and sample wonderful wines from across our region. Oh, and Buy some Great Art!!! Washington, MO is such a sweet little town and I enjoy the charm of this city. We are usually set up right on the main street with all great shops surrounding us. Cool Show!

The last event is Going to be a Clayton Fine Art Gallery in Clayton MO. I will be showing an one of a kind wearable art  design that was inspired my a wonderful young artist in the 8th grade. This exhibition is part of the "Blooming Art Project". I will share more about this great event closer to the reception which is May 29th.  

Well that's all for now. Remember Take Care & Stay Creative

Allison B

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Devil in in the Details!

  The Devil is in the Details 

New Web Site!

     I've just taken a Great Workshop about How to better market my Art Business and it was Fantastic!!! Thank you to Artsy Shark's Carolyn Edlund, The Art Beacon's Jennifer Suits and Lori Feldman - The Database Diva for a wonderful learning experience.  
I learned so much about Websites, Blogs, Data Bases, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagrams and all the other social media sites that can help you "Grow Your Business." I learned what I had right and I definitely learned what I should improve. So I have been taking some time these past few weeks working on things to improve my presence on the web and elsewhere. My wonderful husband and I have been working on my new website. Thank you James for all of your expertise. Feeling blessed to be married to a web designer.

     There were many points that they said that would improve my business outlook, and one them was to get or re-establish my Blog. Well I will go for it. I will try to post ay lease every 2 weeks. More if possible.
New Banner for My Blog

     I have been taking a fair amount of workshops and mini classes to further my image and design knowledge. You can "Never Stop Learning" and as long as there is a workshop, online videos,Conventions , Art Organization sponsored events to become a part of  - I'm There. I will post about the great things I learned, New Shows , New designs, and all of that fun things that make me love what I do! So Enjoy the Ride with Me!

Take Care and Blessings!
Allison B