Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week Thirty Six of My Weekly Creative Challenge

A Small Break can do you some Good in Week Thirty Six !

Well I needed a little time to get more supplies and to work on this technique for this weeks entry. I have wanted to start playing around with adding color to my metal piece and this was my first creation in which I used a patina in my work. I sketched this series of pieces a while back and I have been working on getting the colors I wanted. As time goes on, I will be adding new pieces to the series I call my "Single Bud" series.

I also got to experiment with wire wrapping as well with this pendant. At my job they had a wonderful bracelet making class and I love the techniques so I used it as a decorative link in this pendant as a added source of texture and color. I love learning new techniques and merging them into my design style. I thank Mariah M. for the wire wrapping lesson and I look forward to showing more designs from this series very soon.

Take care and Keep Creating

Allison B.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Week Thirty Five of My Weekly Creative Challenge

"Made to Order" for Week Thirty Five of My Weekly Creative Challenge!

It is time to give a "Hoot"! for my newest creation. This was the second part of a special order I was commissioned to do. My client wanted to have an owl as the main focus of her pendant and this was a first for me. I usually draw the female image as my main focus and this was a definite departure for me. I have to admit it was great fun to create this little "Woodland Creature." She also requested I design custom earrings to go along with her pendant as well. I truly enjoy new challenges and new opportunities. At the time I was designing this pendant, I also drew 3 other concepts for her to choose from, so in the future I might be adding to this series as well. I can't let a good design just sit there on paper only. Well it is my pleasure to introduce "Creature Comfort" to the ALNB Collections body of work. Enjoy!

Take Care and Keep Creating !
Allison B.