Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Creative Challenge for April 24, 2011

New Show Opportunities! New Designs!
What's a Girl to Do!

Well in two weeks I will be in the thick of things with another show. This will be an interesting feat because James, my husband, will be representing me at one show while I will be at another event that same night. Yes! It is a little crazy but I noticed that I haven't participated in any shows or events in my town of Maplewood, Missouri. So when I received an email from a wonderful art teacher from our local elementary school with an invitation to show my designs in their art fair, I just couldn't pass it up. So on Friday, April the 29th, I will be in St Charles, MO at the Spring Art Walk while James will be at The MRHE Art Fair in Maplewood, MO. I truly feel honored to be represented at both affairs and hope they will be successful for the organizers and as well as the artists.

Well with so many events on the horizon and that I was truly blessed at the last event, Queeny Park Spring Art Fair, I have to stay focused and work on building up my inventory. So I just wanted so show you all one of my new designs from my silver collection. I don't work in silver often, seeing the cost of silver is through the roof, but this was a design I really liked working on. Welcome to the family "Swirls in Pearls." Hope you enjoy the design.

Take Care and Stay Creative.

Allison B.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Creative Challenger for the Weeks of April 10 & 17 2011

This Week is Full of Creativity and Surprises

Well these two past weeks was full of lots of work and rewards. I have been getting ready for the "Queeny Park Spring Art Fair" for this past month and these past two week have been very crazy indeed. There is just so much to to - Getting displays ready - Finishing up last minute touches on new designs - Sending out invitations via snail mail and the net. - Getting all of the packaging together for purchases - Working on pricing and inventorying the work - Making sure I had all the right equipment for cashing out purchases at the show. Packing up all of my display and making sure I haven't forgotten anything vital and the list goes on and on. I also had to eat sleep, and share time with my family and friends. All I can say is WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

It was a great challenge and at times I knew I drove my husband a little batty but when it all came together and the show was a success, It seemed ALL WORTH IT!!!!. The show was great and I was truly blessed to be apart of it!. I made a lot of contacts and new customers. The feedback about my work was truly valuable as well.

Well these are two examples of some of the pieces I showed this weekend. They have already found homes during this show but I wanted to show them to you all anyway so here are the entries for this weeks challenge. Welcome "Arching Over Ice and Puddles and Pearls" to the fold.

Take Care and Stay Creative
Allison B.