Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Getting Ready for Shows - How Do We Do this?

Getting Ready for 3 Big Shows • 

How do I Do This???

Crossing Textures
Well the show season is here and I'm working non stop on New designs. I 'm always drawing up new pieces in my sketch books, blank sheets of paper, on the back of junk mail and oh yeah receipts from my purse.  "Forever Creating" is the way I roll.

I have to admit it is beginning to become a bit daunting. Is there truly enough time in a day to get everything you want done in ONE DAY! I think the answer at this time is no... but I try my best and that must account for something. 

The one thing that does help is putting all my plans to paper ( or on your Ipad for the "Tech Savvy"). It does help me try to keep to a schedule. The one thing is that the world does not have your plans in mind when they "Come ah Calling". The balancing act can be a little on the "Wild Side", but when you create that one piece that just comes together like you envision, it makes it worth it. So I use those moments to help me through all the rest of the phone calls, missteps on a project, lost components I swear I just saw yesterday on the desk right over there, cat chewing on my beading wire sort of days!

Well here is a Sample of what is coming up at the Queeny park Art Fair this weekend. i really like the pices so far. I will give you an update about the other pics at a t later date. 

Enjoy Take Care and Stay Creative!
Allison B.