Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome to Week Four of my "Weekly Creative Challenge"

Bracelets! Bracelets! Bracelets!

Hello to All! 
It is week four of my "Weekly Creative Challenge." So far I have worked on my metals and mixed media lines. This week I thought I would work on bracelets for my "Brace Yourself" bracelet line. It was fun working with "JUST BEADS." I have been working with more Lampwork beads this time around. I like how each beads is a "mini work of art" in its own right. Well I had fun putting these pieces together and I hope you will enjoy them as well.  Take Care and have a GREAT week!.

Allison B.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to Week Three of my "Weekly Creative Challenge"

Wow!  Week Three!!!

The first thing I have to say is "Thank You". I have received a lot of great feed back. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have been planning and working on several projects at the same time which requires a lot of multitasking. It can be overwhelming at times but it is a necessity that I'm embracing as a part of running a business.  I have been working on many new concepts and sometimes it becomes hard to focus on just one. This challenge helps me to do this. "Focus ".  So here the new addition. My new baby is the "Ginkgo Adorned" necklace.
Enjoy and Take Care !

Allison B.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week Two has Arrived!
Well, it is week two of my "Weekly Creative Challenge". I have to admit, this is going to be a challenge.  I have so many things going on at one time. I have a meeting with my art counselor director and the art camp assistant to get all of our lesson plans together for the 4 to 6 year old art camp for Laumeier. Then I have to meet with some other artists to research upcoming events and possible selling venues. Oh, and  lets not forget my job and my family. Wow! I have to say though, it is exciting to see my drawings come to life. I truly enjoy creating new pieces. This new piece was a design I have been wanting to finish for a long time. I have books and books of drawings that I would say "Oh it will make this one soon!" Well I'm starting that quest now. Welcome the "Regal Dragonfly" to the collection. I'm working on a couple of wire wrap pieces for next weeks blog so take care and keep in touch 

Allison B.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week One of the Challenge

Well Hi Everyone!

This is Week One of my Weekly Creative Challenge . I was able to create two pieces this week. The first one is called "Vines Within" This piece is a combination of brass,  pearls and cloisonne beads. The second piece is a combination of brass and copper wire, beads and original art for me. I've been wanting to learn more about and create with wire wrapping.  It's called "Milk and Honey". This is one of the lines I want to work on for 2009 and I'm happy with the outcome so far.  Look forward to more pieces in this line. Well it's time for me to get back to work. I will blog soon ! Next Sunday to be Exact!!!!!

Take Care
Allison  B.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to the Creative Challenge !

Welcome to the Creative Challenge !

Hello to All!

I have been drawing and planing for the past 3 months about how to get my work out there to all of you. I have been designing postcards to website ads and everything in between. Well I'm happy to say it is now time to get down to work and CREATE ART. I'm so happy about actually working on pieces. I can't wait to share them with you. So I'm introducing the "Monthly Creative Challenge". For the next 9 months I will have to create 1 to 3 pieces per week. I will be posting this blog weekly ( Every Sunday) to show you all my new creations for that week. Please feel free to comment, encourage , or give me "a little kick in the pants" if I don't get to create and post anything for that week. I will be showing everything from my "one of a kind" metal work to my affordable bracelets line. I will also present new works and concepts for upcoming lines and show off some of my ceramics and mixed media pieces when I get a chance. I look forward to hearing from you all and remember "Tell a Friend".

Enjoy the Art and Take Care!