Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sharing You Craft With Others...
The Blooming Artist Project 2017

Tree of Yggdrasil by Rose Houghton

Well it is that time of the year that I get to be a part of a wonderful organization call The Blooming Artist Project. I get to share my craft with young inspiring artists.

The Blooming Artists Project connects student artists with master artists from the St. Louis area. Students in 3-12 created works of art in their classroom and submitted their photos and statements. Master artists who have made a name for themselves and have influenced art within our community are assigned a student’s piece and then connect with that young artist. The master artist ultimately creates a work of art inspired by the student’s work. The project culminates in a formal gallery opening displaying both the student’s and master’s work side by side. The intent is to show young artists that their ideas have merit and can inspire even seasoned artists.

The young person I got to work with is Rose Houghton and she is wonderful. She is a 12th grader at Ritenour High School. She has a love for Mythology and the cover for Rick Riordan's book "Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard" was her inspiration.

  I being a lover or Nature, I love the tree presence of her work and I built upon that aspect of
her painting . My work is named "She Rose Upon the Sunset".

I'm excited to show for the first time the Shrine and Necklace I came up with from her wonderful art.  Loved her spirit.

 The opening reception of the fourth annual edition of The Blooming Artists Project! The exhibit runs from May 12th through the 28th at 1900 Park in St. Louis, MO. I can't wait to see all the pieces together will up date you on all the fun. Hope to see you all there.

 Remember to Take  Care & Stay Creative!!!
 Allison B.


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Getting Ready for Shows - How Do We Do this?

Getting Ready for 3 Big Shows • 

How do I Do This???

Crossing Textures
Well the show season is here and I'm working non stop on New designs. I 'm always drawing up new pieces in my sketch books, blank sheets of paper, on the back of junk mail and oh yeah receipts from my purse.  "Forever Creating" is the way I roll.

I have to admit it is beginning to become a bit daunting. Is there truly enough time in a day to get everything you want done in ONE DAY! I think the answer at this time is no... but I try my best and that must account for something. 

The one thing that does help is putting all my plans to paper ( or on your Ipad for the "Tech Savvy"). It does help me try to keep to a schedule. The one thing is that the world does not have your plans in mind when they "Come ah Calling". The balancing act can be a little on the "Wild Side", but when you create that one piece that just comes together like you envision, it makes it worth it. So I use those moments to help me through all the rest of the phone calls, missteps on a project, lost components I swear I just saw yesterday on the desk right over there, cat chewing on my beading wire sort of days!

Well here is a Sample of what is coming up at the Queeny park Art Fair this weekend. i really like the pices so far. I will give you an update about the other pics at a t later date. 

Enjoy Take Care and Stay Creative!
Allison B. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Learning, Creating, Growing My Craft!

Learning, Creating, Growing  

My Craft

Applying Color to Molted Solder
Well I trying to keep up with making sure I blog about my new techniques and I am sticking with it so far. I have wanted to work on developing this technique for a while now. I have researched and downloaded so many videos and e-books about this technique that I think I'm most likely downloading the same information and not even noticing I already have that version. 

Leather Solder Cuff

Molted Solder Pendant
     The reason I started emerging myself in this technique is because I love the look of Precious Metal Clay but I don't want to emerge my self into another whole area of jewelry design. I love the free spirit of this technique and the start up cost is so affordable verses the cost to set up for PMC (Precious Metal Clay). Also I wanted to really experiment in coloring the metal and this technique really lends itself to my style of creating without material limits. 

I thought this new concept will work great with my other new passion - Leather!!!! I can now incorporate these design components with my hand-painted leather to give my designs another layer of creative charm. I love this time of year because this is when most artists get to expand their horizons! Stay in touch to see how it all works out and what I'm up to next

Messy Hands
Take Care and Stay Creative
Allison B.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year! New Journeys in Creativity!

Dimensional Textured Bar Series
New Year • New Journeys 
in Creativity

     Well we are now in a New Year. I have to admit I'm so happy to see 2017. Last year definitely had its challenges. We lost people who truly inspired & supported us. It is always hard to continue your quest when the lights of your life are going out and you still have to travel your path without them shining a guiding light. Well in their memory I will go forward. They would not want anything but for us to share our talents with others. So this new year will give me and all of us that opportunity to do just that. 
Molted Solder Series

      I have been taking many classes to expand my techniques this past year and have been loving it. This year will not be any different in that area. I have already signed up for 3 classes & workshops. I love pushing the envelope in my wearable art lines. I love learning something new because it expands my vision which gives my customers new designs & lines to look forward to. Last year I took classes in Lampwork Bead Making to Coloring on Metal. As this year progresses I hope to add those assists to my brand of Wearable Art Jewelry.

A View to a Sunny Day
     I will also be looking to embark on new horizons through participating in shows that are not in our familiar areas. This year might be the year of travel. I participated an awesome show in Nashville, Tennessee ( Tennessee Craft Fair) this past year and was completely overjoyed in the outcome. I will be going back this year. I hope to try other shows in different states as well. 

     I hope that this will be a year to remember. I have already so many plans to accomplish that I feel like I'm bursting at the seams. Here's to having a wonderful New Year for all of us. May this year be filled with blessings & creativity.

Take care and Stay Creative
Allison B.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Love a Challenge - Art Jewelry Elements "Tree" Challange

I Love a Challenge

Within the Forest by 
Allison L Norfleet Bruenger 
Collections @ 2011
 There is a wonderful group of very talent artists who I have been following for two years now. They have provided so many great challenges and giveaways for their artists & followers. This time I could not pass this theme up. The theme is TREES!!! For the past 5 years that I have been a mixed media jewelry artist, I have created many pieces with a "Tree" theme. 

 I love nature and representing that theme in my work has been a part of my creative process since I begin. I use watercolors and/or colored pencils to create the art that is the center focus of my metalwork. All of these pieces have found there "Forever Homes" but I wanted to show how trees have influenced my work since 2011. 

Many Hues of Autumn by 
Allison L Norfleet Bruenger 
Collections @ 2014
I've enjoyed all the wonderful creations from all of the artists of the Art Jewelry Elements group. All of the posts truly inspire me and I'm so excited to take this chance to present my work. I just thank the group for the opportunity to share my craft and my love for Trees!!! 

Take care and Stay Creative!!
Allison B.

Nature within the Copper Shadows by 
Allison L Norfleet Bruenger 
Collections @ 2015
Golden Blooms in the Forest by 
Allison L Norfleet Bruenger 
Collections @ 2016

Please check out the Following Links to all the rest of the creative People who are apart of this Challenge. Enjoy!

AJE Team


Friday, May 15, 2015

Fun Weekend Ahead! 2 Events- One Weekend!

Fun Weekend Ahead! 
2 Events- One Weekend!

This will start to happen a lot now. The more shows I sign up for, the more they began to overlap! This is the nature of the business they say. Many artists who have much more experience than I do also express to me how all of the Galleries, Shops, Art Fairs and Festivals all are trying to position themselves on the best weekends and they are definitely overlapping. Summer shows, Fall shows and the Holidays events are when it happens the most! Well the time has begin. Hopefully I will choose the right shows and events to have a successful summer and fall season. Wish me luck. That's all for now. 
Take Care and Stay Creative!
Allison B.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Season of Art Shows Begins!!!

Well The Season has Begun!

     The life of an artist is always busy and that's a good thing. There are so many things to do when you run your own art business. You have to work on your printed materials for shows, work on your Social media posts, take photos of your work, apply to shows, work on "the books", buy supplies, set up displays at galleries and shops that show your work, meet with customers and go to meetings for art organizations and groups, and also Create! It can get a Little Crazy but we Love It for we love Creating and sharing our Craft. I feel blessed to be able to make people happy with the things I create. Thant what make this career Awesome

I participated in my first show in April and it was great. What a wonderful way to start out the year. May holds a lot of events as well. Working on new designs is always a must. I want to introduce a New line each show. I hope I will be able to do this. I working towards that gold. This week I getting ready for my first Guest Artist Session and my first outside show for the year. Here is some of the pics from setting up at Green Door Art Gallery in Webster Groves, MO. I love this Gallery. I will be bringing a couple of other Items to add in before the opening reception this Friday! This weekend on Saturday and Sunday Washington, MO will be the place to be. I will be in the 34th Washington Art Fair and Winefest. This is always a wonderful show to meet new people, see old friends and sample wonderful wines from across our region. Oh, and Buy some Great Art!!! Washington, MO is such a sweet little town and I enjoy the charm of this city. We are usually set up right on the main street with all great shops surrounding us. Cool Show!

The last event is Going to be a Clayton Fine Art Gallery in Clayton MO. I will be showing an one of a kind wearable art  design that was inspired my a wonderful young artist in the 8th grade. This exhibition is part of the "Blooming Art Project". I will share more about this great event closer to the reception which is May 29th.  

Well that's all for now. Remember Take Care & Stay Creative

Allison B