Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Learning, Creating, Growing My Craft!

Learning, Creating, Growing  

My Craft

Applying Color to Molted Solder
Well I trying to keep up with making sure I blog about my new techniques and I am sticking with it so far. I have wanted to work on developing this technique for a while now. I have researched and downloaded so many videos and e-books about this technique that I think I'm most likely downloading the same information and not even noticing I already have that version. 

Leather Solder Cuff

Molted Solder Pendant
     The reason I started emerging myself in this technique is because I love the look of Precious Metal Clay but I don't want to emerge my self into another whole area of jewelry design. I love the free spirit of this technique and the start up cost is so affordable verses the cost to set up for PMC (Precious Metal Clay). Also I wanted to really experiment in coloring the metal and this technique really lends itself to my style of creating without material limits. 

I thought this new concept will work great with my other new passion - Leather!!!! I can now incorporate these design components with my hand-painted leather to give my designs another layer of creative charm. I love this time of year because this is when most artists get to expand their horizons! Stay in touch to see how it all works out and what I'm up to next

Messy Hands
Take Care and Stay Creative
Allison B.

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