Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week Five of my "Weekly Creative Challenge"

Week Five 
The Creative Bug stays "Alive"

This week was a join venture. I work at a bead shop here in St. Louis named "Lady Bug Beads". I work with some very creative people there and one of those creative people is a lady named Jo. Well, this time around I brought in my metal components into work to pick out some beads to enhance my design. Where I work there are just so many beads to choose from. This time there where so many great choices that I asked for some opinions on which beads to choose. Well Jo had spotted some new beads that just came in and she wanted to see these great marble Czech beads be utilized. After seeing those wonderful colors marbled within each bead,  I couldn't help but to use them with my fretwork design. My new addition is "Encircled Blossom"
So Jo... this ones for you!!
Enjoy and take care!

Allison B.

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