Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week Thirty Two of My Weekly Creative Challenge

Week Thirty Two is a week of "Completed Thoughts!

I have enjoyed this week a lot. I predominately design necklaces and pendants. That has been my main focus in my metal work. I started working on bracelets after working at my current job as a sales associate at a bead shop. They have many classes that teach you basic string techniques and I just couldn't resist adding these fun little gems to my already existing metalsmith lines. Now I have had many of my customers ask about earrings to complete their look and this has open yet another venue for me to be creative. For the longest time I didn't venture towards designing earrings because many of my designs are made out of copper and some people have an allergy to certain metals such as copper, but I have found a line of "Nickle Free" earring findings that make it possible for me to complete the "look" my customers desire. I'm very happy about this move. As time goes on you will see many more earring designs added to my lines. Well, for now this is one of my first attempts in designing earrings for that "Completed Look"
Enjoy, Take Care and Keep Creating!!!!!

Allison B.

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