Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week Thirty Nine of My Weekly Creative Challenge

Week Thirty Nine of My Weekly Creative Challenge and Mother's Day Too!
How Cool!!!

Well let me start with an Happy Mother's Day wish to all of you moms out there and I would love to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Katie B.
Without her(and my Dad), I would not exist!
Thanks Mom!!!!!!
I Love You!!!

This week is the week to show off Nature and the use of Mixed Metals as well. As I have stated in earlier blog entries, I don’t work with brass as much as I work with copper or silver and for 2010 this will be changing. This week I wanted to show samples of both patinas and the use of mixing metals to give my pieces that extra something. I really liked the way the brightness of the brushed finished brass worked with the liver of sulfur textured copper. I enjoyed working in both of these techniques and I hope you will enjoy the "Fruits of My Labor" as well.

Take Care and Have a Wonderful Day !
Allison B.

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