Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Devil in in the Details!

  The Devil is in the Details 

New Web Site!

     I've just taken a Great Workshop about How to better market my Art Business and it was Fantastic!!! Thank you to Artsy Shark's Carolyn Edlund, The Art Beacon's Jennifer Suits and Lori Feldman - The Database Diva for a wonderful learning experience.  
I learned so much about Websites, Blogs, Data Bases, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagrams and all the other social media sites that can help you "Grow Your Business." I learned what I had right and I definitely learned what I should improve. So I have been taking some time these past few weeks working on things to improve my presence on the web and elsewhere. My wonderful husband and I have been working on my new website. Thank you James for all of your expertise. Feeling blessed to be married to a web designer.

     There were many points that they said that would improve my business outlook, and one them was to get or re-establish my Blog. Well I will go for it. I will try to post ay lease every 2 weeks. More if possible.
New Banner for My Blog

     I have been taking a fair amount of workshops and mini classes to further my image and design knowledge. You can "Never Stop Learning" and as long as there is a workshop, online videos,Conventions , Art Organization sponsored events to become a part of  - I'm There. I will post about the great things I learned, New Shows , New designs, and all of that fun things that make me love what I do! So Enjoy the Ride with Me!

Take Care and Blessings!
Allison B

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