Friday, May 15, 2015

Fun Weekend Ahead! 2 Events- One Weekend!

Fun Weekend Ahead! 
2 Events- One Weekend!

This will start to happen a lot now. The more shows I sign up for, the more they began to overlap! This is the nature of the business they say. Many artists who have much more experience than I do also express to me how all of the Galleries, Shops, Art Fairs and Festivals all are trying to position themselves on the best weekends and they are definitely overlapping. Summer shows, Fall shows and the Holidays events are when it happens the most! Well the time has begin. Hopefully I will choose the right shows and events to have a successful summer and fall season. Wish me luck. That's all for now. 
Take Care and Stay Creative!
Allison B.

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Silkartist said...

I really like your jewelry art! You are very creative with style, metal choices, color, etc. I posted your art fair info on my ART Peeps group and ART Peeps FB page. Check them out for other art, artists, calls for art & just ART. We have some of the same FB friends as well...
Shirley Jones-Crowell.