Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week Eight goes "Bollywood"

Week Eight goes "Bollywood"

Well this piece was a lot of fun to create. Combining India's beauty, the warmth of brass, and the rich colors of red jasper into this little gem was labor of love. So welcome to the family "Bali Beauty". I have been working on some new sketches and as time goes on I hopefully will be able to work on those new pieces as well. I also have to make up some more bracelets so I can be ready for upcoming shows as well. Well that's all for now. Take care and have a great week!

Allison B


Sharon said...

Love your work. Caught a link via Craft Gossip and just had to check it out after seeing the design featured.

Could you share a bit about your materials and techniques? No trade secrets - just a way for us to learn more.


Sharon Fullen of
Rose of Sharon Jewelry
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Allison B said...

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for checking out my blog. I draw all of my own art work. Sometimes I will use photos as well. The techniques I use are sawing / piercing, texturing and patinas and cold connect with rivets. I usually start with the image and build from there. The drawing / image is the back bone of the pieces I created. The main focus of my work is usually the female image and nature. I just love creating new works. I also love ceramics as well. Well I hope this gives you some insight into my work and feel free to drop me a line when you can .

Take care and thanks again for checking out my work

Allison B.

Mme Shaw said...

I received a lovely bracelet that you created for Mother's Day from my son Colin Shaw. It is perfect for me & I love it. Thanks!

Ramona Shaw