Monday, May 18, 2009

Week Nine ! So Fine!

Week Nine! So Fine!

Well week nine has been a "Learning Experience" Literally. I love taking classes and participating in workshops. I think that it truly helps me to expand my creative process which helps me to create original designs that are truly unique. If you don't try new techniques your creative process doesn't grow. 

Where I work we have a lot of classes and workshops. I thought I would partake in one called "Wire Wrapping a Tree" and I loved it! It was really fun. I wanted to give a shout out to Angie Stamper - my teacher who was Great ! Also I will be  taking two more classes this week and I will show you all how they went this Sunday. Well I hope you all enjoy " The Tree of Life" pendant.  Everyone have a great week and Keep Learning Something New !

Take care !!!
Allison B.


gold freak said...

Allison, where do you work to be able to take these workshops? Sounds like a fun place.

Allison B said...

I take some of my classes where I work. Lady Bug Beads in St. Louis Mo. We have free Saturday classes and other classes as well. Society of Midwest Metal smiths and Craft Alliance have great classes and workshops as well

Take Care
Allison B