Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week Twelve is on FIRE!!!

Welcome Summertime and
Week Twelve!!

Hello Summer!!

Hello Sun and Fun and hello to hot bracelets to heat up your summer fashions. I don't design a lot with Red as the main color but I must learn to get out of my comfort zone( which are greens, browns and aquas) and embrace the hot colors of summertime and summer fun. I know I have to try some pieces with orange and yellows next but at this time RED will be my "Fling with Summer Heat!!! Happy Summer , keep cool, and have a wonderful week!!!

Take care
Allison B.


Sheree said...

Love your colorful designs :)
Your metal focal necklaces are a delight, really do lift the spirit! I haven't studied metalsmithing, would you mind giving a brief description of the processes you use or perhaps direct me to a link to learn more?
Thanks so much!

Sheree said...

Oh, I found a similar comment and your response in Week 8's post. All good :)