Sunday, June 13, 2010

A "Light & Airy" Week Forty Two
Is Upon Us !

This week's entry is looking on the lighter side of life. For this week, I focused on using a lighter colors in both my metal selection and my stone color. Chalcedony can be so beautiful and for this Art Nouveau inspired pendant it complemented the design just right. I have to admit, I love the color blue, but I don't design a lot of piece in this color. It is such a wonder color and this year I have to break out of my "Green Mode" and expand my color pallet to include more of the blues, reds, and oranges within my designs. I have spoke with other artists and they say that they go though the same battles as well. It is great to know that I'm not alone in battle to expand my color horizons. I also will be working with different metals as well . So look forward to some new looks coming up just around the corner. I'm working on designs for the late Summer /Fall season of Art Shows and let's not forget the Christmas season ( HO, HO, HO!). Well this piece was great fun creating and I'm happy to say it as already found a great home. Thank you Suzy G. for appreciating my work and being a inspiration to me as well!

Well I thank you All!
Have a Great Week!
Take Care and Keep Creating!!!!

Allison B.

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