Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekly Creative Challenge for May 15, 2011

Out of Fond Memories from "Mom",
a Creative Thought Comes!

I can truly say I have been blessed for I have a wonderful family which has always been very supportive. I feel that much of my talent was formed way before I went to school for art. I think it started under the guidance of my mom and dad. Both of my parents are artists in there own right. My dad was a photographer and my mom was a teacher aid who taught art to grades kindergarten through 3rd. All through my child and teen year, both of my parents where very support of my love for art. They supported me when I was studying fashion design and illustration in Columbus Ohio. They encourage my graphic design career when I worked for my late brother's desktop publishing company and in these later year they have been the strong force behind my quest to become a jewelry and mixed media artist. I lost my dad 2009, but I know he's up there cheering me on to this day. I call my mother the CEO of ALNB Collections. She is the one I go to when I have any important decision to make about my designing career. Every time I do a show, l call her to report on the sale figures and to get insight on how to improve my business and marketing. She is the GREATEST!
I just thought
, seeing that Mother's day was yesterday, I would give a shout out to the ones who help to make me the artist I am today. With the Lord's help, a supportive husband and great people like my mom in my corner, the art world looks very promising.
Well just like my mom is a solid line in my life, this piece as a strong solid line as well. This is a mixed metal piece. While the circle is in brass , the aqua line is actually copper. I used a very strong blue patina on this piece. I burnished the patina surface until it became almost shiny. Then I sealed the surface. The blue portion almost feels like "Enamel". It was a fun piece to work on and I will revisit this concept in upcoming designs. Welcome to the ALNB Collections family " Slim Line in Aqua" Enjoy

Take care and stay creative!
Allison B

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