Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Creative Challenge for May 22, 2011

When there is a lot on "Your Plate"!

This is differently a busy season. A lot of the artist I spoke to told me that the spring season is usually slow. I have to admit, it have been surprising busy for me. There are many shows and opportunities out there. The fun ( and scary) part is trying to decide which events and exhibition opportunities are best for me and my company. I'm still working on figuring out that puzzle. It seems to be a lot of shows and events popping up all around the metropolitan St. Louis area. There are also many more events in the Illinois and the lower Missouri areas as well. All of then look promising but it is a hard to truly know which one is right for my work. I have spoken to many other artist with far more experience than I and they usually say follow your gut, do your homework, and sometimes you have to just take a chance. Sometimes you will fail but other times you can be pleasantly surprise and benefit for the experience. This year I trying to step out more and participate in more events and find new venues for my jewelry to be shown to the public. It has been a "big process" but I will keep working on it. In June and July I will be in 5 to 6 shows. That is a lot for me. Some are big and some not so big but they're all a chance for me to get my work out there. Wish Me Luck!

Well this week's entry is called "Wind Blows" The swirls makes me think of a cool wind blowing. Just in time before the summer heat begins. This one has already found a home at the Spring Art Walk in St. Charles Missouri but I wanted to show it to you all anyway.

Take care all of you and stay creative!
Allison B

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