Sunday, August 28, 2011

ALNB Collections Weekly Challenge for August 28 2011

In the Planning Stages.....

Well the Fall and Holiday season is approaching. Yes "The Holiday Season". I will be starting the new show season next weekend. This will be my first big show for the upcoming season. I have taken a break from blogging to work on new
designs and I have come up with many new designs. I'm at 15 new designs and counting.

I have also started hearing the outcome of some of the shows I have applied to and for this season I will be at 11 shows and counting. Yes! 11 Shows! I know it seems to be a little crazy but I have talked with others artists and they have informed me that this is the "Nature of the Beast." This is the beast season for shows in the artist world. Many of our sales for the year are earned between the month of September to December. A lot of artists don't participate in spring shows because they don't seem to sell as much during that time of year. They usually do shows during the Summer, Fall and Holiday season.

This years show season is also different because I have also included shows that are out of state. I will be by the end of the year have done 3 shows in Illinois. I am trying to spread my wings a little bit. I hope they will enjoy my work there as well. I have a new gallery in Chesterfield, MO in which I have my work. The gallery is called "MindWorks Gallery" and It has been great so far. I'm very interested to see how the holiday will be there. I'm trying to reach more people through social media such facebook, twitter and of course blogging. I now even have a "fan page" with facebook. Working on a business is more than a notion but It is rewarding when someone really likes your designs.

Well starting next week I will be showing my new fall line so keep watching for the new pieces starting in September. Stay in touch to see all the designs and visit me on facebook when you have the chance. I will show you new pieces next week.

Take care and Stay Creative!
Allison B

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