Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year! New Journeys in Creativity!

Dimensional Textured Bar Series
New Year • New Journeys 
in Creativity

     Well we are now in a New Year. I have to admit I'm so happy to see 2017. Last year definitely had its challenges. We lost people who truly inspired & supported us. It is always hard to continue your quest when the lights of your life are going out and you still have to travel your path without them shining a guiding light. Well in their memory I will go forward. They would not want anything but for us to share our talents with others. So this new year will give me and all of us that opportunity to do just that. 
Molted Solder Series

      I have been taking many classes to expand my techniques this past year and have been loving it. This year will not be any different in that area. I have already signed up for 3 classes & workshops. I love pushing the envelope in my wearable art lines. I love learning something new because it expands my vision which gives my customers new designs & lines to look forward to. Last year I took classes in Lampwork Bead Making to Coloring on Metal. As this year progresses I hope to add those assists to my brand of Wearable Art Jewelry.

A View to a Sunny Day
     I will also be looking to embark on new horizons through participating in shows that are not in our familiar areas. This year might be the year of travel. I participated an awesome show in Nashville, Tennessee ( Tennessee Craft Fair) this past year and was completely overjoyed in the outcome. I will be going back this year. I hope to try other shows in different states as well. 

     I hope that this will be a year to remember. I have already so many plans to accomplish that I feel like I'm bursting at the seams. Here's to having a wonderful New Year for all of us. May this year be filled with blessings & creativity.

Take care and Stay Creative
Allison B.


Michael Ruegsegger said...

Hi Allison!!! I have enjoyed following your successes!! How can I get prices on your beautiful art pieces? I think I NEED one!!!
Lorraine Ruegsegger

Allison B said...

Thank you Lorraine. I'm working on new lines and can't wait to share them. Stay Tuned!!

Seven Wild Winds by Jeryl said...

Beautiful work! I love it!

Seven Wild Winds by Jeryl said...

Beautiful work! I love it!