Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh La La! Week Twenty One of My Weekly Creative Challenge

Twenty One Weeks!
I feel "Creative and All Grown Up!"

Week Twenty One has me realizing that I have I still have a lot of work to create before the year is out. I cant wait to take a tally of how many pieces I worked on since I started this challenge earlier this year.

On Thursday of this week I will be participating in my first Open House. One of my coworkers is having an open house at her home and I and 3 other artist will be joining her in this fun venue. This will be a great change from all the set up and craziness on setting up a tent, displays, and selling in an outside setting. It will be a "Wine and Cheese" affair. OOOOOhhh La La! I'm really looking forward to this event. and here are just a couple of the pieces I will be showing. Well I have to get back to work now. So wish me luck and keep creating!

Take Care!
Allison B.

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Kathryn Bowman Studio said...

Hi Alison! Where is the open house, who are the friends, who is invited? I'm sorry I will be driving to Detroit on Thursday, but I was confused why you would tell about the event and then give no location, invitation, times or details of any kind. And I may have not understood, as well, that it is a closed invitation. I look forward to your blog every week and admire you for keeping it up. Go girl.