Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Creative Challenge for the Week of June 19 2011

Regrouping After A Major Show!

This has been an experience within itself. I was gearing up for this show for at least two months. Working on new pieces, revamping my displays, ordering marketing materials to give out to customers and so on. Wooooooo! What a ride. Then the time comes to do the show. It is truly amazing how 3 days can go by so fast. The set up, the selling, the meeting new customers and making friends with other artist, tearing down after the closing of the event. Before you know it,
it's all over.

A lot of times it feels like your in a whirl wind. Going every which way but loose. Then the wind sets you down and your left to ponder just what happened. It is very interesting when you look at your inventory and see all the major pieces you sold that weekend. At first you feel great then you become a little sad because even though you "Got them a Good Home," you miss your work. They become your "little darlings." That's when you pick up your pen or pencil and start sketching those "Oh cant live with out them" new designs and look forward to the new show that is coming up faster than you can imagine. I have another show a little over a week from now. Well everyone this is just a small glance into my world of creative fun. I wanted to show you one of my "Little Darlings" that got a home during the "Art and Air" Art Fair in Webster Groves, MO during the first weekend in June. It was a great show and "Remnants of A Ginkgo" was a great piece to work on. I hope you enjoy this one and have a wonderful and creative week.

Take care!

Allison B.

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