Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Creative Challenge for June 26, 2011

Stay Focused! Stay Steady!

Well it is very interesting when you finish a big show and you think you have time to relax a little. Well, that might not be the whole truth. It is amazing how time fly's and then you realize that there is another show just around the corner and you have to get back to work designing and creating. Thank God that this is a job you love to do. There is so much that is needed to be done for each event. This is also the time you need to be in multiple places at one time. I think I need to clone myself so I could get everything done.

Just this past week I went out to dinner with my husband James and we began to discuss the plans for this upcoming Fall/Holiday Season. YES! Fall is Fast Approaching. It will be here before you know it. It was very enlightening as I looked over all the shows, events, and art fairs, I figured out that by the end of the year starting in June I will hopefully be in about 15 to 17 shows. When you look at the list it is exciting, but also a little scary. This is when you take a deep breath and ...


This is when your planning skills will kick into High Gear! All I can say is wish me luck - Pray for Me!
I guess this is where the Rubber meets the Road - Or there the Saw Blade meets the Metal! (Ha, Ha!). Well you all will get to take this fun ride with me for I will let you know how it is coming along week to week! Sometimes I might have to skip a week if it gets wild. But it will be fun!

Well, I'd like to show you one of the pieces that sold during this last art fair. It was called "Torn Away"! Hope you enjoy it.

Take care and stay Creative!
Allison B

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